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Ways How Writing Can Heal

Writing is something that can mean differently to different people. There are people who think writing can be an escape. It may serve a purpose to some. To some, writing can be a job they have to do in order to make a loving or a passion. We have to accept how writing has shaped history of the world. Writing has the power of command thanks to the imperative sentence. With writing, we are able to keep tabs on our inventions, ideas, emotions and even records. It is pretty hard to imagine for a civilization strive without writing. But we don’t really take notice how writing can be a way to heal oneself.

Our modern living made as worry too much or take a lot of stress. Every day, we are subjected to the stress and challenges of life and these things are something we have to deal with. We don’t think writing can be a way for people to cope better against the challenges in life. Our troubled minds get us to where we want to go as we write. We soon realize how powerful writing can be to send us away from trouble. If you aren’t yet convinced, here are some ideas why writing can heal the best of us.

Our mind is a total mess when we are stressed. We live a life without sense, structure and direction. As we life aimlessly, the stress factor mounts. We may be in a situation we want to catch lighting in a bottle. There are people who use writing as a way to heal them. We write in order to catch the lighting and put it in a bottle. Writing makes sense of things as you put your words on paper. It allows us to put order in the midst of chaos. Our meaningless world seems to have some meaning in a snap. Writing is a way to make sense of a senseless world.

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As we write, we are not aware how silly or awkward our writing can be. We fill our paper with an imperative sentence to send us to a course to calmness. Think of the times we are distracted by writing rules or grammar. If we focus on writing alone, and carefree on the rules, we feel calmer and it steadies our minds. Our being becomes calmer when we write stuff. When we write, we put things into perspective and make us meditate about the moment. This is what some writers call being “in the zone”. It is a sweetspot where we are able to create things that can sweep us off our feet.

When stress strikes it can make us sick. Writing can heal us.

Writing can help make things sensible. Healing can start when you put yourself into a wiring mode.