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Tips on Creating an Online Study Group

Online bible studies can bring together team members together for an instant interaction without the logistical issues of traveling to the meeting points, looking for babysitters to take care of the kids, or having to miss bible study because of a busy work schedule. A small online group is always open so members can always interact when it is convenient for them and even though it is not everyone’s cup of tea but in certain contexts, some people are more comfortable sharing personal details via text.
The concept of small online groups has been used by a famous church during the Lent season, the participants in the group explored and discussed how contemporary issues relate to the Christian life, and other churches can learn from this and take advantage of this simple, low-cost way of expanding their geographic reach.

To make sure that each group member has a chance of sharing their thoughts the group should have at maximum ten people but if the interest is high, the person can form two or three groups that meet at various times which provides more alternatives for people that have tight schedules. A lot of free instant messaging applications enable the person to set-up real-time chats at o extra charge, and at times the person may need some help from a technology expert, but it is worth the extra cost in getting members to discuss issues in real time.

There are some people that prefer the flexibility of participating whenever their schedule allows, and discussion threads enable the person to interact and build as more people join the online bible study and the group leader can create on-demand bible using free open source learning management systems that help the person to monitor and teach online bible studies.

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If the individual wants to enhance the video experience by eliminating the annoying echo caused by computers, the group leader should encourage people to use headphones or earphone and for group members that have computers that do not have built-in microphones they have to get headphones that have a microphone.

A known fact is that the team leader needs to expect mishaps like bad connections, poor sound quality and power outages are likely to happen, the group leader should expect them, and to prepare in advance the person can use software that allow the person to call in if there are technical issues or the group member cannot attend via camera. The truth is that the team leader has to keep the bible study members interested to eliminate monotony by using various kinds of technologies, and the pastor can create a web page for the bible study link on the main website of the church.