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Quality Education at Pukekohe High School

Pukekohe High School strives to be a positive place for learners. It aims at creating an environment that challenges and equips people to satisfy their potential in the process of attaining aspirations. Respect earned by the school comes from the quality of their academic programs. The programs at Pukekohe high include Pukekohe high e learning. The student population entails local as well as Pukekohe international students. To cover the learning programs, the school handles culture, arts, sports and service as well as pastoral care.

The values upheld at Pukekohe High School are clear. Throughout the school, values are aspirations held for all interested and associated with the school. It incorporates the community-that serves as a catchment area- in the process of enhancing the common good of the school as well as the community. The administration admits both local and Pukekohe international school students. Studies deal with inquiry, innovation and curiosity through creativity, critical thinking and self-reflection.

Pukekohe High School prioritizes excellence in every endeavor. Priority to students remains aiming for high and preserve the excellence personally and educationally. Learners have to be responsible, remaining honest and accountability throughout their engagements. In all that students, teaching and non-teaching staff do in the school, they must uphold respect. It covers self-respect, respect for others as well as respecting everybody in the world. Development of careers for learners is part of learning processes at the school. Career development be taught in the learning years. The program starts at year 9. The lessons take place in classrooms and through visiting speakers.

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One-on-one discussions help in career advice. The lessons are important for students when they choose their careers. Transition courses to Pukekohe international students helps in integrating them to system. Introducing students to the world of work is part of the system. Communicating to them is important and the school values the process.

The gateway program is at the center of training at the institution. It does not follow a specific protocol. It is a type of job training for students. It is a valuable learning experience for students. The school can be reached online or through phone contacts. The STAR program helps students in secondary school to develop. Through the program, learners find suitable pathways to further their education through tertiary and university levels.

The context of Youth Guarantee sessions helps the development of careers for students. Students go through the industry related training outside the classroom. They also provide academic extension schedules to incorporate growth and development of students. The history of Pukekohe High School revolves around a focus on academic achievement through personal excellence. Development revolves around values cultured in the school. The values that drive the school are three. Highest levels of attainment come through encouragement.

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