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Top 10 News Headlines That Have Taken the World By Storm

Several newspapers of today make it their mission to make sure that they publish whatever news they get that is suitable for print. Nonetheless, upon publication, there will always be headlines that just stand out among them all.

Here is a list of the top ten news headlines, both famous and infamous, that made the most buzz.

‘Wall Street Crash!’ from The London Herald

On the 29th of October 1929, headlines published that the US stock market has crashed, which is known as the Great Depression.

In such a crash, the results led to several currencies all around the world to fall flat.

The Evening Standard’s ‘The First Footstep’

With the increasing numbers of negative news headlines, it is a good thing to be getting some positive ones.

It was during July 21, 1969 that the news about the first steps of Neil Armstrong on the moon was published.

It was during this time that the phrase ‘That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind’ was first heard of.

The Daily News’ Martin King Shot To Death: Gunned Down In Memphis’

It was during the 5th of April 1968 that the assassination of the famous civil rights leader made the most headline in various parts of the world.

On the second floor of the Lorraine Motel, 39-year-old Dr. King was killed leaving his widow, Coretta Scott King, and millions of Americans grieving.

The New York Daily News’ ‘Peace! Japan Capitulates!’

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On the 15th of August 1945, readers from all around the world were relieved and filled with joy of this headline.

Four months after the Third Reich in Germany fell, World War II came to an end when the Japanese finally surrendered.

An end was finally achieved after six long horrific years of war.

‘U.S. Attacked: Hijacked Jets Destroy Twin Towers And Hit Pentagon In Day Of Terror,’ from The New York Times

Wherever you were on September 11, 2001, you know what terrible news took over.

The whole world came to a halt when 2,726 people were killed by hijacked planes hitting New York City’s Twin Towers.

The Los Angeles Times’ Beatle John Lennon Slain’

Despite John Lennon’s message of peace, on the 9th of December 1980, he was shot to death four times in the back. It was one of his crazed fans, Mark David Chapman, that shot him outside of his New York City apartment at exactly 10:49 in the morning.

‘Assassin Kills Kennedy: Lyndon Johnson Sworn In,’ from Chicago Tribune

This was one of the darkest headlines in American history. This article tells of JFK’s Dallas, Texas assassination along with the story and reaction of his widow, Jackie.

‘Nixon Resigns’ from The Washington Post

It was in August 1974 where the headline announced the end of the Watergate Scandal and announced Gerald Fox the next US president.

‘Hitler Dead’ from The News Chronicle

On May 2, 1945, this headline was put in print. Though not a lot of people believed it, it told of the death of Hitler as well as his wife by suicide.

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The New York Times ‘Titanic Sinks Four Hours After Hitting Iceberg’

More than 1,200 lives were taken on April 14, 1912 when the ‘Unsinkable Ship’ hit an iceberg and sank.

This still remains one of the most heartbreaking headlines to ever take the world by storm.