Search Engine Optimization is More Complex and Challenging than Ever

Content might be king, but this is not to say search engine optimization, or SEO, has become any simpler. While it might be expected that submitting to a univalent royal rule would at least minimize the number of details that have to be accommodated, nothing could be further from the truth. Even if strong content will always serve as a useful foundation for any modern SEO effort, it takes a good deal more to actually make any real progress. Learning how to propel any website to the top of the search results, in fact, is probably more difficult today than at any time in the past.

Even so, paying enough attention to the fundamentals can still help. While on-page SEO techniques sometimes seem relatively unimportant in the face of so many other challenges, any shortcoming on this side of things will inevitably prove to be costly. Even worse, many sites end up accumulating on-page problems as time goes on, even while they are working diligently on other SEO fronts. Because of this, scheduling and carrying out regular on-page audits should be part of the SEO strategy of just about every company today.

On the other hand, much of the most important work is not so amenable to such routine, formulaic approaches. While having interesting, useful content to offer is always important, making sure posts attract links and notice from others will always be necessary to complete the equation. As a result, much of the most significant SEO effort today takes place in the relatively fuzzy, amorphous ways by which people naturally interact. An SEO expert who can entice a prominent blogger or other wielders of influence to gladly link to a newly published piece can accomplish every bit as much in an instant as a more technical professional might get done in a longer time.

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In other words, SEO today is likely even more challenging than in the past, with a much wider variety of skills being needed to ensure success. While that can seem disheartening to some, it also means those who rise to the top might just benefit from facing even less competition once they finally make it.