How to Use Movavi Photo Editor to Get Unwanted Object Removed from Your Photo

Many times, when you observe closely a photo that you have taken, you will find flaws in it.  Maybe you spot someone or an object that should not be in your photo. If you have taken the photo with a digital camera, you can transfer it to your hard disk and use a photo editor to erase away the unwanted object. You’ll need to invest in a photo editor that contains a object removal feature like Movavi Photo Editor. You need not to spend a great deal of money on buying the software as they are quite cheap.

Movavi Photo Editor is a fairly basic photo editing program for use in removing some unwanted objects from your photo. When you open the program, you will see a large gray drag and drop space  where you should drop the photo file that you want to edit. You can select multiple photos with your  mouse and drop them into the software to open them all at once. You can use the left and right arrow to move from one photo to another during editing. Another way to open the photo is by clicking on the green Browse for Images button.

To remove object from photo, you must select Object Removal from the top. Now, you must select the first button, the brush tool and color the object that you want to remove in red. You can adjust the brush size depending on the size of the object. For bigger object, you can use a larger brush size to save time in paintingthe unwanted object. You can always use the eraser to erase away the wrong stroke that you make when painting the unwanted object. The eraser button is located next to the Reset Selection button.

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When you are ready, you can press the Start Erasing button to erase away the unwanted object. A progress bar will appear and shows the progress as it works on erasing it from your photo. If the background of the object is simple, it should have no problem in replicating it. Sometimes, when the background is complex, it has problem in replicating it and the area where the object has been erased will look like a distorted pixel. In this situation, you can use the clone stamp tool to fix the photo.

To use the clone stamp tool, you must select the clone stamp button. Next, you must move the mouse pointer to the area where you want the source the pattern and press the Alt key, After that, you must release the Alt key and move your pointer to the area with the distorted pixel to paint over it the cloned design.

The last step is to press the Save button to save the photo you are editing in Movavi Photo Editor. Before you press the start button, you must select the appropriate photo format from the drop down menu. Next, you must click the browse button to select the file save destination. You can enter a new name for the edited photo in the file name field.