How To Post To Multiple Facebook Groups?

Do you have any important article to share in many Facebook groups? I will explain how you could get it quickly.

Facebook communities are active places with people looking for something relevant to read. If you have an interesting article for them to read, they will take.

 You only have to know how to schedule posts on Facebook so you are not over-posting, and get to it. 

 But, why would you want to post to multiple groups?

Maybe you want to sell off some items to get some cash: there are several groups in your City where you could upload photos of your furniture.

If you ere a blogger, you maybe want to promote your articles to people that like your articles. 

If you are writer, there are an a lot of Facebook groups where people want to find your free Kindle e-book. You only have to do is publish it there. 

 Just try do not be a Spammer. Remember that Facebook could close down your Facebook account if they think you are a spammer. Five links per day in Facebook groups is the maximum, if you do not want to become a Spammer for Facebook.

 And please, pay attention to the all group rules and the topics each group.  Do not paste irrelevant links.

 So you just need a strategy and a tool that works, and make sure you only post as often as is they allow. PostCron is a great Facebook auto poster.

 Essentially, it allows you set up and forget about it. Which is quite perfect if you really want to focus on your business.

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