Going On a Vacation to Manesar? Here Is a List of Best Resorts in Manesar

Manesar is a popular economical village in India. It is one of the fastest growing industrial towns in Gurgaon district, in the State of Haryana. As much as it has loads of factories, its lush evergreen, serene and laid back surrounding, makes it the perfect place for a weekend getaway.

This industrious town with a diverse level of tourist attraction sites lies calmly on the Delhi- Jaipur Highway and is easily accessible by road. You can hire a cab or take the bus.

Therefore, if you want to tour and stay in Manesar for a few days, here is a list of resorts in Manesar that you can opt to stay in, comfortably.

1. Heritage Village Resort and Spa Manesar

This is one of the best and luxurious resorts in Manesar. It holds a National Tourist Award from the Indian government. Besides, its overall theme from built to décor is of Royal Rajasthani Haveli, elegant and full of colorful Indian artwork.

Moreover, it has international standards in terms of amenities and services offered. It boasts of its well-maintained landscaped garden as well as its mouthwatering varied dining options from Mediterranean, Middle East, Indian and Oriental cuisines. It also has a tea lounge and lounge bar.

This resort has 154 rooms and an exclusive spa area as well as a swimming pool. Its Presidential suite is highly recommendable.

2. Club Awara Holiday Resort

If you are looking for a day adventure into the leafy resort in Manesar, then club Awara is the best place for you. You can do loads of things here from rope walking, flying fox, jumaring, Burma bridge, commando net as well as play indoor and outdoor games like table tennis, carom, cricket, and football.

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This resort has 14 rooms and cottages, for weekend getaways. It has excellent and plushy dining facilities and a big pool you can use to swim and relax.

Its landscaped lawns are a necessary view. You can walk here freely and enjoy the surrounding air or spend time in its well-appointed library.

3. Tarudhan Valley Golf Resort

Golf lovers will love this luxurious golf resort. It is located in a lush green land, very expansive with the resort strategically located in Tarudhan valley, the perfect view of the ever-sprawling lands and golf course.

It has well-appointed rooms divided into three categories, a rejuvenating spa, spacious plush green lawns and a refreshing swimming pool. Moreover, it has 70 modern rooms and studio apartments, a great dining experience with the Mediterranean, oriental and Indian cuisine as well as a fitness center.

Other amenities include an archery range and a fresco spa. You can also play outdoor badminton and basketball.

4. Golden Turtle Farm

This is one of the biggest picnic resorts in Manesar, which is near Gurgaon. It is the best place to relax and enjoy the weekend after a tiring week. It is located in a 4-acre land and is only 45 minutes from Gurgaon district.

It has six rooms with modern facilities as well as a DVD library. You can also enjoy and play outdoor games like basketball, tennis, football, and cricket, as for indoors you can enjoy its books and other activities like carom.

You can also play commando net, ropewalk, flying fox and Burma bride among other. Besides, it has a kitchen garden.

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5. Paradise Green Resort

This charming resort is for the romantic at heart. It is the perfect place to spend time with family and kids. Backpackers can also find it relaxing and accommodative. Besides, it has loads of amenities that you can make use of, from the internet, a banquet hall, coffee shop as well as a doctor on call.

Moreover, you can also enjoy the sweet sounds of chirping birds and blowing winds any time of the day. It is truly a true paradise, which can help rejuvenate your weekend.

6. Surjivan Resort

This is one of the most popular resorts in Manesar for outdoor fun activities. It provides a wonderful break from the chaos of city life. Besides, it has some very cozy and comfortable rooms that you can stay in, for the weekend.

This resort has many unique adventurous experiences that can make your day. You can go for rappelling, wall climbing, zorbing, flying fox, gun shooting, archery, rock climbing, camel rides, rope course and even hot air ballooning among others.

It also offers other traditional Indian games, a farm visit, and a village safari. You can also make use of its internet, swimming pool and enjoy its bonfire under the moonlight.


There you have it, some few top lists of resorts in Manesar. They are all of different taste and preference, so you can enjoy any of them depending on your budget and liking.

You can always check bus/car fare and even airfare if you are coming from far before you decide on a weekend trip to this small industrious town. Likewise, check for resort price as they vary but are economically friendly.

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