Getting the Benefits of SEO for Your Site

Being a business owner nowadays can be difficult, time-consuming and frustrating. There are so many other entrepreneurs out there who are all waiting to snatch up any competition they can get. This results in a site that goes unnoticed and products that go unsold. One of the most crucial ways to advertise your site online is with the help of SEO. Whether you choose SEO for Shopify or utilize it for your personal site, it can increase the chance of people finding your site.

Understanding SEO

SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is a way for your site to rank better on search engines like Google and Bing. If you do not integrate SEO into your site, you’re risking your site being found on the second, third or even fourth page when someone does a search for keywords relating to your business. With SEO, you take precedence on the web so that people find you quicker and are more likely to visit your website. It can mean the difference between a site that fails and one that succeeds.

Getting it Done Professionally

In 2011, algorithm changes were put into place to prevent people from ranking high on search engines simply because they stuffed keywords into their content. Keyword stuffing produced low-quality content that people didn’t necessarily want to see or read, but would bring people in because the site would be the first or second result on a search engine. Because of these changes, it’s very difficult to integrate SEO into a site without going against these changes and actually hurting your ranking rather than helping it. There are thousands of SEO companies you can hire to do this job for you. Many of them work online, which means you don’t even need to meet with anyone for them to begin the work.

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Which Company to Hire?

Because there are lots of companies available, it can be maddening to find the right one. When comparing providers, you’ll want to obviously look at cost before anything else. Most SEO services can cost a few hundred dollars, but if you get more work done and further integration, you should expect to pay a few thousand dollars. Likewise, you want a company with lots of experience and a rich portfolio that they don’t mind showing off. Steer clear of companies that get mixed reviews or that claim to be brand new and just starting out.

What to Expect

Once the SEO has been integrated into your site, you should expect a few hundred more hits per week than you got before. This can equate to more money in your pocket if you sell products or have affiliate links available, and it can mean more exposure to your brand, name or social media outlets. When working with the SEO agency, it is your job to tell them what you want from your site once the search engine optimization has been integrated so that they can follow suit.