Expanding WiFi Reach at Home

We will share tips on WiFi Extender. Currently, WiFi may be at home is a common thing. Especially for homes that have subscribed to cable internet, some providers already provide bundling modem with WiFi router. However, as we know, routers emit limited signals, so sometimes there are parts in our homes that are unattainable WiFi signals.

Sometimes, despite getting a WiFi signal, but the signal is too small so the internet speed does not fit properly. For example, we subscribe to the internet at 10MBps, but since the WiFi signal is only a few, eg 2 bars, most likely the speed is not maximal, it could be only half of it.

To solve this problem, we can add another WiFi router that we can easily connect with existing WiFi signal. However, there is a new WiFi router is somewhat difficult to connect, even some can only connect using a cable. Therefore, the easiest solution is to use best wifi range extender.

In the market, many products are sold, the difference between one another is usually a signal transmit power and access speed. Some Extenders have power up to 150MBps, others can be 300MBps, while High-End series usually has dual band feature.

Here is a chart of the use of WiFi Extender

For example, the main router is on the 2nd floor, the signal is blue. By adding WiFi Extender, the room on the 1st floor that had only a few signals can get WiFi signal in full. Another advantage of using WiFi Extender we do not need to log in again because the name of the second router follows from the main router, also including the password. So if we move the room, we will not feel the difference in use of the router, but the signal will be stronger than before.

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To connect to the main router, we simply press the WPS button that is usually on the latest router at this time. By pressing WPS on the main router and second router, we will be able to easily connect the two routers. Once connected, there is usually a sign on the second router when it works as an Extender, another thing we do is put the second router in the appropriate place.

So, the steps are as follows:

Buy WiFi Extender

Depending on the need, usually the more expensive give complete features and emitted signals the stronger. Just a suggestion, although the shape is less interesting, WiFi Extender with external antenna usually emit a signal that is stronger than the Extender with internal antenna.

Connect the WiFi Extender to the main router

The easiest way is to use WPS. Press the WPS button on the main router, then continue by pressing the WPS button on Extender. That way, we do not have to bother entering the password into the Extender. In addition, the settings in the Extender will follow the main router, both the name and password.

Choose the appropriate place for the Extender

Position determines range. This also happens, incorrect placement of the Extender can make the product useless. It’s good we try in several places at once. then after connecting to the main router, WiFi Extender only requires electrical contact current to work. So we just find the right position where the Extender is still getting the signal from the main router.

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WiFi Extender is very suitable for the home with more than 1 floor or house with wide size.