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Outwitting Squirrels Squirrels are comparable to marmite, you either love or hate them! Although we enjoy their flurriness of activity, squirrels pose danger to home gardens and bird feeders. Often you might be at pains on how to stop squirrels from getting into your bird feeders and scaring away your favorite birds. Their determination can result in major property damage and during their breeding season, extreme noise. Being natural gnawers squirrels have ever growing incisors that require constant chewing for trimming, maintenance, and sharpening. Due to their need to constantly feed, squirrels can be intelligent, insatiable, and difficult to deter. These rodents can climb steel poles and leap distances of over 10 feet high, voiding the effectiveness of steel traps. Their impressive tails equip squirrels with excellent balance to naturally elude trap wires. Having the ability to swim and dig hiding places makes squirrels extremely efficient at avoiding any control measures. Often, instituting controls against squirrels is a critical challenge to many people. But what can you do to distract squirrels away from bird feeders or tables? Suggestions outlined here can assist you control the menace. You could consider employing a variety of methods to eradicate the squirrel menace. Second, you can opt to construct a wooden squirrel feeder or a picnic table squirrel feeder. Finally, if squirrels prove aggressive, you could hire the local squirrel control agency to eradicate the menace or offer advice. Research online or consult your local directory to find out whom to contact.
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Avail yourself of the following suggestions if you have chosen to go by the first method. Purchase squirrel proof bird feeders and hang them on poles 10 feet away from any trees or branches. Before purchasing squirrel proof feeders, assess their implications. Some squirrel proof brands have lifetime guarantees, but fail to protect bird feed from squirrels.
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You can limit the rodent’s ability to access bird feed by placing cylindrical mesh guards over tube feeders. Mesh guards are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the specific bird feeder you need to protect. Consider purchasing weight activated feeders that close feeding ports automatically when a squirrel mounts up on them. Weight activated feeders utilize a motorized perch that spins squirrels away from the feeder, depriving them the chance to enjoy your birds precious feed. With time, squirrels realize the futility of feeding from a weight activated feeder and leave it, well, alone! Additionally, you can use squirrel domes or baffles to restrict access to hanging bird feeders. Using slinkies and greasing feeder poles can substantially protect your bird feeders from leaping squirrels. Try to ground feed your birds as a deterrence measure. Desist from hanging your bird feeders. Rather, you should cover your feeding trays with feeding guardians. As squirrels are very cunning, select feed guardians that have the smallest meshes for maximum deterrence.

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