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Get The Best Web Design for Your Company With Bulletproof Digital

When it comes to a retina ready and attractive web design, you have to rely on the Absolute best for helping you out. While you may be of the opinion that the content overrules how your website looks, this is not entirely true; if you have an attractive website, you will have more clicks guaranteed automatically. When designing your website take the assistance of Bulletproof Digital. The line of experts in this field will shower you with a unique and tasteful design that will guarantee the success of your website from the mere beginning. There are a few things you need to keep in mind when designing your website that will surely help you:

The Utility

The most important thing that had to be kept in mind while designing a successful website is the function. Whether information or interactive, your web page should look its part, so it is comprehensive. With Bulletproof Digital, you will be able to cater to the needs of not only your website but also your clients who will be visiting your page.

The Interactive Element

When people browse the web, the do it for information, so it is your job to communicate the information to your client vase in a comprehensive fashion, so they get what they are looking for in a precise but potent manner. Try to incorporate headlines, subheadings, bullets, and more to make your web page clean and fresh.

The Use of Colors

Colors can make your website pop. It is the best way to make sure that your users are interested in your content. Using primary colors and contrasting colors will not only make the reading experience fun but also more precise. However, you have to use caution when using colors because different colors provoke different emotions in people. Try to use red and other vibrant colors sparingly but do use them to create balance. It is a matter of precision and accuracy that will help you to make your website successful with the usage of Colors. With Bulletproof Digital, you will be able to achieve perfect balance and harmony for your web page.

Incorporate Images

It is not an uncommon opinion that images are more readily attended to in comparison to words. With the help of the correct images, you can reach out to your target air better. Use of images also makes it easier for people to understand your content. If you are providing information that mainly requires images to make better sense, the advice is to use it with full freedom. Strategic positioning of images is also of equal importance. Take the help of Bulletproof Digital to make an impact with the careful selection of images.

Make Navigation Easy

If you have an extremely informative website with brilliant web pages but which cannot, however, be navigated to, you will be losing the audience in bulk because even when you have the contents available, they cannot reach what they need. It is of utmost importance for you to make sure that it easy to navigate to different pages on your website with ease. This will allow the audience to go through the multi-layers of your website with ease and find a single platform for all the information which is genuinely a boon and will make them come over and over again to your website.

With these in mind and the assistance of Bulletproof Digital, you will be able to have the best website amongst all your competitors.

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Creating A Conversion Funnel Is Easy If You Know How To Do It

Internet marketing has become very significant lately. The TV commercials are still the highest paid marketing by second, but the internet is slowly picking up its pace and getting close to the rest of the mediums.

One of the great ways to get more sells on your web page is by creating a conversion funnel. For those that are not sure what this is, the following will explain in details. Read on and learn all about it.

What are conversion funnels?

This is a method by which the marketing strategy is directing people toward purchasing on your page. It starts by creating an ad that is going on several other internet mediums, like social networks or search engines. The ad is tailored for people who might need the product or products being offered.

If you look at it from aside, it seems like the commercial going around the internet is gathering interested people in one place. The link that is placed in the ad is redirecting the users to one place that is called – landing page. See a definition for it here.

The landing page is the place where people are supposed to make the sale. It is a part of your website that can also offer a lot of other products if you have more. It is the place where people get to know about your business and will decide if they like what they see or not.

Is the landing page really so important?

The first impression is the most important in every segment of life. Internet marketing is just a part of this story. The commercial going around social networks is collecting the potential buyers and direct them to the landing page.

There, they can see more about the product and decide whether to buy or not. Most of the people won’t because research shows that a lot of the people that click are doing it just out of curiosity and some simply don’t like enough what they see to make the purchase.

However, if you want the number of sales to be higher, you need to make the landing page an absolute perfection. A lot of the potential clients won’t purchase because they’ll feel uncomfortable while they are staying on it.

Some of the most important things are the site’s speed of loading, the choice of colors and the simplicity of use. Also, a lot of people are giving up when they realize they have to register, fill in forms, leave their e-mail address, and all those little things that make a lot of difference for the customer.

Think about it, you’d like to get in a store – internet or real – and spend as little time as possible there. You want to get in and get out with the product you’re looking for and is best for you. That’s what everyone else wants to do and only a little people will be patient to wait for the site to load or to fill in all the registration forms just to get to the product.

How to best create the conversion funnel?

To create a perfect one, you need to create a great marketing ad that will become viral on social networks. This is not always possible, of course, but it’s best if it happens. The more possible scenario is to spread it around the internet and make sure it reaches more people as possible. Learn more on funnels on the link we provided.

When a lot of people see the ad, some of them will click the link. A part of those that do this, will be interested in the product you’re offering. A small part of them will buy it. This is why the system is called a funnel because it looks like the tool in which a lot of water can get in, but only a little of it will come out at one point.


As you can see, this is not a complex thing but you definitely need a company that will make it happen. You’re going to need designers, social network specialists, marketing agents, and a perfect IT manager to keep the landing page on top. If you can get this, you’ll have a great campaign.…

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Don’t Pay for Top SEO Tools – Hire A Company and Relax

It is true that everyone can try and do their own SEO webpage. There are all kinds of tools on the internet helping you with this. The best ones aren’t free, however…

Creating a perfectly optimized page is not an easy task that’s for sure. On the other hand, the fruits from it can be so tasty that you’ll want to do even a better job with your next project. See the benefits here.

If you’re a business owner, it’s understandable that you have no time playing these tools. Not just they take a lot of time if you want to organize everything, but you need to pay a lot of money for each one of them too.

The solution for this is hiring a professional SEO company. These types of companies are based on a team of experts in different areas all mixing their knowledge and creating a perfectly shaped product called – your web site.

What can the company do that you can’t do alone?

How about they can actually do the job? When you’re running a business you don’t have that kind of time. There’s so much that needs to be done. The only time you’ll have for this will be the free time that must be dedicated to the family.

Next, the pros actually work on this and know perfectly what’s trending at the moment and what can get you the best result. It’s not the same creating an SEO page for construction companies and e-commerce shops. See what the trends are here:

These two are the main reasons why hiring the pros is a better idea than doing everything alone. Even if you have a person on your pay list, or two, or three, you still need a team that knows what to do.

Think about it, you pay them a certain amount of money, you pay for the apps and the tools that are needed for work, you pay for the offices and everything that goes with them, and at the end, you get a worse product.

How to find a good company?

SEO is a method that is constantly changing.  The engine rules are changing based on the preferences of the people. The UX is something that is recognized by the search engines and based on it the rules for a higher SEO ranking is changing too.

That’s why you need a team that can offer people for every part of the game. Look for a company that can cover all the spots. See if they have professionals in many different fields. Take a look at this Brooklyn Search Engine Optimization company, they have a team of people doing almost everything for you.

And it doesn’t matter where you’re located. You can work from home as far as they’re concerned. You don’t need to have an office. All you have to do is tell them what you need and forget about it. The rest is their job.

Another thing you should be looking for is an experience. An experienced firm already has seen how the trends are going and know how to predict the next move. That means they can put you always ahead of the competition.

What can you expect from it?

Creating a perfect SEO for your page means getting tons of new visitors. New visitors means new clients. The main job of the optimization is to get your page rank higher on the search engines, right? This higher needs to be as higher as possible.

You need to ask from the company you hire to get it to page 1 on Google because everything else is not good enough. Why? Because as the pages go back, less and less visitors come through it.

The organic search consists of over 50% of the entire clientele on your page. That means the most people come through search engines, which means they were looking for you or your competition.

Imagine that there’s a company exactly like yours but they have the best SEO possible. They are ranking high on the first page and they get 100 visitors per day. Your company’s profile is on the second page. You only get 17, based on research data.

Having a great SEO means getting going up on the ladder. This means getting more visitors which means more potential buyers which ultimately means more profits. Simple, right? Of course. But someone has to do the job for you.


SEO tools cost a lot. If you buy just one you won’t be charged a lot, but there are tons of tools out there all being great for a different aspect and need of the optimization.

Hiring a company diminishes the need for every single one of them. The companies have their way of doing things. …

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Why digital marketing works better than offline?

Every business, be it small, medium, or large, needs marketing for the company to be visible in the market. The goal of the company is evident that is enhancing the profitability of the business through a strong customer base by reaching more people. Different marketing strategies are being implanted in traditional marketing for selling the product and advertising.

On the other hand, now, in this technological era, people become technology-prone — everything they want to search on the internet before going out to the market. Therefore, current marketing strategies are also changing according to the current needs and trends. Individuals are now spending hours on internet surfing different things. So marketers now target people on the internet through internet marketing.

Offline or traditional marketing is the promotion of the business without the internet, through television, print media, radio, banners, etc. whereas, online marketing is marketing through internet, development through the web using different promotional tools. Though both ways of marketing have its significance, in the current era, online marketing is more important than offline marketing.


Every business invests a part of its revenue in the marketing of the company. So the owner of the business wants to know the effectiveness of the strategy implemented to generate potential customers. Measuring the effectiveness of the marketing strategy is necessary to check the customer response. However, in online marketing, you can easily measure the effectiveness by analytic tools such as AdWords and Google analytics.

The internet marketing tools gather information and analyze the data to let you know the ad visibility, traffic, bounce rate, and traffic. All the necessary data required to measure the effectiveness of the marketing strategy can be measured in online marketing. On the other hand, you can’t be able to measure the exact effect of the marketing strategies implemented in offline marketing.

Real-time access to results

When you will do online campaigning for your business, you can see the result immediately. You can monitor the current changes just after implementing the marketing strategy. The real-time results are available in online marketing. There is no chance of getting a real-time result in traditional marketing.

Promotion through radio, print media, and radio do not provide any idea of the effectiveness. The owner can learn about the result only after sales. Traditional promotional methods are one way, and only the business provides the information. On the other hand, online marketing is a two-way communication. The customers can share their experience, review, and communicate with the company.


Cost of online marketing is meager compared to traditional marketing in this age. Online marketing saves long traveling coat that is much higher in offline marketing. Online marketing can be done in the least cost or no layer initially. So it is cost-effective than traditional marketing.

Marketing has a significant role to play in every business. In the current scenario, online marketing is more convenient and budget-friendly than traditional marketing. The two methods of marketing can be integrated to make the marketing game more compelling. However, technological innovation and incorporation let the business owners market digitally in a creative way to reach maximum people.

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Web Design Trends for 2019 with Belfast Web Design Agency

In this article, we will focus on the trends and movements that we have observed in the interaction and visual fields, which are very useful to both business owners and users when it comes to providing inspiration for the daily projects.

When we are talking about trends, it is sometimes taken as less than flattering. But knowing what is the newest technology and trying out the latest advancements will lead to acquire new techniques, learning new skills and using various styles in a unique and playful way as they evolve and how they appear.

People love dreaming funny and weird future. As a spectator, we have analyzed different innovative and imaginative websites with much amazement, and we feel lucky to be alive in an age where modern technology leaves us speechless every day. Now, let’s get to the main course and look at the trends in web design for 2019.

To find out more about web design, you can visit for more information.

Crafting singular voices using illustration

An illustration is usually used as a component of difference because it traditionally reminds people of the nature of art, which is very exclusive. In recent years, illustration thrives in the technology industry, like what is happening with platforms like Airbnb, Slack, Dropbox, WeTransfer or MailChimp.

These sites showcase their work from various artists and designers as a way of making the waiting process a lot more enjoyable for all the users and to communicate brand values and emotions. In today’s digital age, collaborating with trusted and well-known illustrators is a common thing, since Illustrations are usually used in design systems as a powerful way to convey messages, just like in the case of Glitch and Slack.

To know trends in web design Belfast or in any other countries, just look for different forum sites about this topic and the country they are targeting.

Typography-based layouts

Typography has always been considered by a lot of experts to be one of the fundamentals in design, although because of the technology in the past, it has seen slow growth. But ever since the technology have been improving at an exponential rate and the level of freedom, experimentation and expression that designers and developers have today, typography is now getting the attention that it deserved.

Because of the advancement in technology, there are a lot of font trends with different personalities, but it is not so much about picking fonts or the combinations, it is the use of “words” as the primary element of the aesthetic and the semantics. Words have a physical presence in today’s design world; a structural element which revolves around the rest of the composition flows.

Variable fonts

Currently, it does not have enough support from various browsers, but it is still one of the skills people need to learn. Variable fonts came from the evolution of the OpenType font specification. One simple font file can contain a different variety of the typeface. If you use CSS, it is possible to gain access to these animated transitions and vary between different styles.

How CSS works? Visit this site to find out more.

Augmented, decorated and big paragraphs

Right now, paragraphs are no longer being regulated to wrapping geometric configuration or a simple column distribution. Paragraphs are starting to be a significant factor when it comes to web design, not only that; it is now more extravagant, full of hovers and emojis as well as images and style changes. As what people in this industry are saying, “Expression is King.”

Animation: Organic motion and secondary elements

Animating the secondary element is an excellent way to enrich the visuals of the site without using excessive resources, which can ultimately increase the loading time of the website. The animations usually form part of the micro interactions that creates a flawless and enjoyable experience.

With tools like Bodymovin or Lottie, organic fluid and more complicated animations can be created. Of course, Javascript and CSS can offer a lot of possibilities for animation interfaces. They can provide more control of the parameters, blending modes, SVG morphing, easing the curves and more filters, but with these kinds of features, it will require a lot of time, energy and most importantly, skills.

We can usually find animated vectorial elements using organic morphing, gooey effects or imitating liquid in micro interactions and interfaces. And don’t forget typography is not exempted from these kinds of transformation and animation.

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Check Best ManyChat Chatbot Marketers in 2019 and Learn How to Use Chatbots for Marketing Purposes

We can all agree that chatbots have entered big doors and today, they are an important experience that will help you improve your promotional perspective.

You should remember that chatbot is a computer program that can easily carry on conversations with a human without any additional hassle.

Back in the day, when you wish to post something on social media, you could easily share it and wait for a few hours to see if anyone noticed it. However, today, social communication is one of the most prominent mediums.

Since instant messenger apps entered the market, social media became the perfect way of communication, which is both convenient and completely free.

Therefore, we have to say that people are spending more and more time on messenger apps than before and that is why we have to consider it a general form of online communication. That is when smart bot marketers entered the market.

For instance, Facebook Messenger has more users than Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat combined. If you are a marketer, communication with potential customers and consumers is the best way to increase overall engagement.

More than 80% of users will have open communications with services and brands by using social media platforms and messenger apps.

That is where chatbots enter the game because due to advances in NLP (natural language processing) and AI (artificial intelligence), you will not even notice that you are talking with the bot and not a human person.

1. Chatbots Will Provide You More Than Perfect Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, this is the main reason why most people tend to customize and implement chatbot services. According to most professionals, by 2020 chatbots and not humans will conduct more than 90% of online interactions with brands.

You should also have in mind that chatbots can be used for other things apart from customer service. They are an essential part of your marketing strategy that will help you improve the number of visitors and potential customers.

Creating a customized and well-planned chatbot can help you improve overall engagement, lead generation, driving people to buy and research market as well.

Since chat is not perceived as engagement driver, but customer service operations, people tend to neglect this particular idea. However, most marketers and brands can use chats top collect data around the interactions and engagements of others.

If you are successful, you will be able to turn user-friendliness into a massive return on investment. That is the main reason why most marketers nowadays are approaching chatbots as marketing tools and not just help desks.

It means that you will have better insights on pain points, customer preferences and behaviors.

2. Chatbots Can Help You Sell

You should have in mind that chatbots can also act as salespeople that will help you drive potential customers into a regular one.

The best thing about them is that they will provide you an affordable and automated way to communicate with people and to have personal and direct engagement.

By allowing your customers to speak with your brand and chatbot by using messenger apps, will help you improve your sales and drive it too. According to statistics, Messenger is an excellent choice that will provide you more than billion of monthly users.

Apart from the ability to chat with friends and family through it, audiences tend to search nod connect with various brands so that they can get closer and check relevant deals along the way.

One research that Facebook conducted state that people who decided to connect with the brand on Messenger will be more confident when it comes to buying in the future than the ones that do not have that connection.

On the other hand, humans are not efficient enough and they can answer only one person at a time, which means that customers may feel ignored if you neglect to answer them.

That is the main reason why you should implement chatbots so that you can provide updates on shipping, answer frequently asked questions and even find ways to upsell based on your customer and his preferences.

You should check here to learn more on why you should use chatbots.

3. Chatbots Can Cure App Fatigue

A few years back, things changed rapidly because people started using smartphones as the first way of browns and searching online. That is why every big and reasonable service decided to create a native app as a part of a digital marketing strategy.

However, everyone started doing it, which created app fatigue since most of them were useless. Consumers got tired of down lowing data gobbling and space consuming apps and nowadays, most of them neglect services that come in this particular form.

Chatbots will provide you available information every single day and round the clock. It does not …

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How to make your website design unique in 2019

These days, it’s important to have a website design that not only functions well, but catches the eye of potential visitors.

With so many websites out there all using the same WordPress templates, it’s important to make sure yours stands out from the crowd.

There are a few ways you can accomplish this, and we’re going to cover four of my favourites in this piece.

Let’s get into it!

Header Image

Adding a header image to your website design header image that catches the visitor’s eye is always a good idea. Try to go for something abstract that other web design UK companies aren’t using.

The reason I say it should be abstract is because everyone has a basic picture of a tradesman doing their job or a team of business people discussing the day’s business.

It might be a good idea to make this image an illustration that both catches the visitor’s eye and perplexes them, so they stare at it for longer.

If you search “abstract illustration” in whatever stock image site you use, you should find something worth using as the header of your web page design.

If you’re not sure how to implement these changes, speak to your current web developer or hire a professional web site design UK company to do it for you.

Custom Contact Form

Adding a custom contact form to your web page design is one of the best ways to make your website design unique.

The reason these forms are “custom” is because you can decide what fields you want visitors to fill in. This means you can make the information you receive specific to the industry you work in.

You can even put a cheeky field in there to add extra distinctiveness such as: “What’s your favourite type of curry” if you’re an Indian restaurant.

There’s no end to what you can do with a custom contact form is you really set your mind to being creative and standing out from your competitors.

Photo Gallery

You can implement a photo gallery into your website design and add any images you like.

If you’re a landscape gardener you can make a photo gallery for each of your recent projects. They will essentially be small portfolio pieces of your recent work, the same way an artist puts all of their pieces online.

Especially in jobs like landscape gardening where everything you do is about aesthetics, having high quality images of the exceptional work you’ve done placed in galleries is a great idea.

Not only will customers be intrigued by this element of your website design, it will show them that you can do the work you say you can. Pictures truly do tell a thousand words.

Content Writing

This might seem like a strange one, but it’s definitely important to have professional content writers write your content for you.

If you want your content to really stand out from your competitors, hire a comedy writer to write certain sections of your website.

No-one is better at coming up with unique wording than people who write jokes for a living. They don’t even have to write full-on jokes; they could just put an interesting quirk on the basic content all your competitors are using.

Imagine the typical “contact us” web page design that everyone in your industry uses. Now imagine it with a comedy line in there, the customer will instantly switch on and consider using your services for that reason alone.

I saw a dog grooming company recently called ‘Indiana Bones and the Temple of Groom’ and I remember laughing and wanting to use them just for the joke alone.


Those were my four favourite ways to make your website design unique in 2019. I hope these ideas help and maybe even inspire you to come up with some of your own.

Thanks for reading, I hope to see you in the next post!…