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Quick Tips For Designing Websites For Beginners

Many Assume That The Job Of Websites Designing Is A Complicated Job That Should Be Done By A Designer In A Time That Is Not For A Moment. This Statement Is Not Wrong, But You Can Also Be A Designer For Your Websites Or Personal Blog. Of Course Not A Website Design From The Beginning I Mean, But Design A Websites Or Blog With A Way To Match The Components Of The Blog To Get A Blog With A Beautiful Design.Here Are Things That Need To Consider :


Websites Theme

Themes Provided In The Blog Service Is Usually The Theme Chosen From The Many Themes That Exist On The Internet. You Can Just Use The Theme From Outside For Your Blog On Blogspot, But The Theme You Can Choose From Within Blog Spot Itself Is Already Good Enough For You. Both In Terms Of Compatibility, Responsiveness, And Support SEO. If The Theme You Use Is A Theme From Outside The Blog Service, You Do Not Necessarily Have This Advantage.

Some Things To Consider:

  • Trend Theme (Trend 2014 Is A Flat Blog Design Theme)
  • The Theme Responsiveness
  • Type Of Blog (Text Blog, Photo Blog, Magazine Blog)
  • Blog Themes (Which Can Affect Blog Colors, Font Types, Etc.)


Just Like The Theme, A Lot Of Widgets That You Can Use To Beautify Your Blog. But Filling A Blog With Many Widgets Will Slow The Process Of Loading Your Website, Especially If The Widget Is Taken From Outside The Service Blog.

A Few Things To Consider:

The Less Widget, The Faster Loading Blog
The Widget Function (Clock Widget, For Example, Does Not Need To Exist Because Everyone Who Opens Your Blog Obviously Already Has A Clock On His Computer Or Smartphone)
Music Widget (Everyone Has Their Own Favorite Song, Not Already Force Your Blog Visitors To Listen To Your Favorite Songs)


Since Launching A New Interface For The Dashboard, You Who Use Blogspot Blog Platform Can Replace All The Fonts On Your Blog With The Font You Choose. Starting From Standard Fonts Like Arial, Tahoma, And Verdana, To Complex Fonts In Such A Way. Nothing Wrong You Use Any Font For Your Blog, But Not Necessarily Your Readers Will Like Also The Font. If You Want To Change The Default Font Theme, Make Sure That The Replacement Font Is Easier To Read Than The Previous Font.

Some Things To Consider:

Target Blog
Small Small Comparison Between One Font And Another
The Less Font Used In A Blog, The Faster Loading


HTML5 Is Rumored To Be A Powerful Replacement For The Heavy Flash And Requires A Lot Of Loading Time. But Now There Are Many Websites That Have A Flash Component. It May Be The Widget, Maybe The Ad, Or Maybe The Whole Website Itself Is Flash.

Tip: Minimize All Widgets That Are Flash Widgets. If The Entire Blog Is Flash, Replace Your Blog Service, Because Currently, Google Has Not Been Able To Index Flash.


More And More Websites That Have A Target To Earn Money From The Internet, Then Paired With Many Scripts Advertising On The Websites. Unfortunately, Many People When Placing The Ad Does Not Pay Attention To The Design Of His Own Blog. Starting From Pop Up Ads, To Click Traps. Using Ads In This Way Can Make You Banned From Advertising Services That You Follow, Can Also Damage The Beautiful Design Of Your Blog That Resulted In The Flight Of Visitors.

Here Are Some Things To Consider:

  • Follow Google Adsense Rules (Up To 3 Ads Per Page)
  • Do Not Use Pop Up Or Floating Ads
  • Place Ads On Spots That Are Easily Viewable And Accessible To Visitors



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Web Design, Basic Guide for Beginners

Web design is a term often used to describe how the contents of a website or site. The purpose of web design is to create a website that includes a collection of online content including documents and applications residing on a web server. Alternatively, a website is a collection of text, images, sounds and other content, and can be both interactive and static.

Web Design

Notice The Current Web Design Trend

Like other types of designs, web design also has its own trend. For example, the current trend is the rampant use of soft textures (subtle). You can get current trend information by paying attention to the design of leading websites, designer portfolio sites such as dribble, or through popular designs in marketplaces such as ThemeForest.

Mature Structure

The problem that often happens is often the designer is too preoccupied with small details such as texture, color, or font. Though the first important thing to think about is planning the site structure. Corporate blogs have different styles of personal blogs.

Focus On Functions

Web designers are not artists. A web designer is a designer who has the task of delivering messages through the site. So, focus on the function of the site rather than on the decorations and knick-knacks site.

Follow The Raw Web Design Structure

You may have noticed that blogs usually have a two-column structure with the sidebar on the right and the logo on the top left. This layout is used by many people because of the simple fact, it works. The research study shows that visitors are already familiar with the sidebar on the right and the blog content on the left. Visitors also naturally know that the top left side contains the identity of the site which if clicked will take it to the front page. If you are designing a blog, then most likely this is the layout you should use.

Master The Software Used

One thing to understand is that you do not have to master all the technical aspects of web designing. It could be a web designer just clever photoshop without the slightest CSS or otherwise.

You also do not need to question the software used in designing. Some designers choose photoshop and some choose fireworks. Please select the software you like and work hard.

Learn The Basics Of Typography

Web typography is a very important but often overlooked area of detail. Typography plays an important role because it bridges messages from site owners to their visitors.

 Do Not Forget Whitespace

Whitespace is a blank area that gives breathing space for site visitors. Whitespace provides space for visitors to focus on specific areas and also provides a logical structure on the site view. Without whitespace, the site will look too full and confuse visitors.

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Johnny Chen SEO Services For Business – Why hire an expert?

Entrepreneurs have their own methods to market their products as well as to promote their brand. These have to be unique in some ways to attract their target viewers. Doing this alone is quite difficult because this is, indeed, a challenge that a team must work on. For this reason, those who are in the business industry will need strategies offered from various experts like the Johnny Chen SEO services. Such companies provide different SEO techniques that would be very helpful in your marketing department. This only means that they have to be a part of the team as well.

You should know that a lot of businessmen are relying on Search Engine Optimization, since every product and services that a particular company offers, is already available online. For example, if you would like to shop online, then you should be reading guides on how to choose one. Now, if you need an expert for a particular task, which you cannot manage doing, then you also go online to search for the nearest help. Well, if those sites are not available over the Internet, then you may not have access to them.

Aside from that, if their official website is not optimized for SEO and ranking, then you may not even find them when you were searching on the search engines. This is the reason, why any business or organization should go for SEO services. They need the experts to work on the marketing strategies that their usual offline marketer cannot do. Anyway, if you have not yet started on hiring one, then we have here more reasons for you to consider. Through this way, you can say that they are an important part of your team.

Enhanced Ranking

Basically, you should hire such expertise because they are the ones, who can improve and enhance your rankings via search engines. Without the existence of these companies, nobody can help you strengthen your marketing strategies. Through the experiences and expertise of these people, you will be able to experience the use of the updated tools.

As a searcher, you will notice that their website is optimized because you can search them by using the right keywords. Not only that, you can also observe that there is quality of the content, which is actually attractive to the users. These will be very helpful for web crawling as well as the result page. You should know that with a higher ranking, there is also a greater chance of getting leads as well as reaching new targets.

Quality of site traffic

Another reason why you needed an expert, is because of the fact that you needed traffic on your website. When there is no traffic generated, then it only shows that there are no or a few visitors, who are checking on your page. When this happens, then there is less chance for you to produce income, sales or transactions.

Now, through the expertise, you will be able to enhance the quality of traffic on your site. Increasing this traffic is also a factor that will affect your ranking. Therefore, it is a must for you to also work on this matter. Keep in mind that SEO is not simply about this traffic, also the content, which is the reason why visitors will take time to land on your page.

Customized Services

Again, you are hiring an expert because they are offering services that are tailored for your specific business needs. Do not choose the ones with packages that you do not even find relevant to your success. Remember that you have goals to reach and they should be able to help you hit this. I supposed, you also need to learn more about its use in digital marketing.

It would be great to accept customized services, which are meant for your unique goals. You know well that there is a competition in the industry. Therefore, work with those, who can provide what is right and best for your business.

I know that you have standards and you should bring out the best through this strategy. Consider this as an investment because this is the best solution in today’s generation. Grab it while it’s hot and see how far you can go.

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Private vs. Public Cloud: What is the Difference?

Cloud computing has become an unavoidable option for businesses looking to scale up. A revolution in the world of information technology, the cloud offers a plethora of benefits to businesses. However, before moving to the cloud, it is important to understand the different computing models like private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud. In this article, we will talk about public and private clouds and the difference between them.

What are Public and Private Clouds?

A public cloud is a type of computing service where a provider offers cloud services over the internet. This is usually offered on a pay-as-per-use model. The service provider takes responsibility for setting up and managing the data centre. This ensures that you don’t have to spend time and money to purchase and maintain the infrastructure required for the cloud. Some popular public cloud providers are Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Cisco, etc.

A private cloud resides on a hosted data centre behind a firewall or on the organization’s intranet. The company is responsible for managing, maintaining, and updating the data centre. If the cloud requires a replacement of servers or any additional hardware, then the company has to procure it. A private cloud is a good option for organizations with expensive data centres as they can use their existing infrastructure to host the cloud. A private cloud has dedicated resources which has a direct impact on the performance and security of the cloud.

Difference between a Private Cloud and a Public Cloud:

Private Cloud Public Cloud
Dedicated Infrastructure The infrastructure is dedicated to your business and is managed by your team The infrastructure is shared between multiple users and is managed by the service provider
Suitable for Businesses which require high levels of security, great performance, and good control over the computing environment Businesses which are looking for affordable options with adequate room to grow
Recommended for Protecting your critical and sensitive applications and/or data Testing applications and as a disaster recovery option for small businesses
Scaling of Resources You can scale up or down as per your requirement since the data centre is in-house Scalability depends on the service agreement with the service provider
Who maintains the cloud? A private cloud is maintained by a team of in-house technical administrators A public cloud is managed by the technical team of the service provider
Pricing A private cloud has a huge upfront cost since you will have to purchase hardware, software, and hire staff too. Additionally, maintenance and scaling options need to be included in the regular costs too Most public clouds offer the pay-as-you-go model, making them highly affordable
Security Dedicated resources and an isolated network environment make a private cloud highly secure A public cloud offers basic security compliance
Performance High levels of performance due to dedicated resources Shared resources can have an impact on performance levels

Summing up…

Each of these hosting platforms has its respective pros and cons. It all comes down to what your website really needs and demands from the hosting platform. But before you decide to sign up with any Cloud service provider or Cloud Hosting provider for your business assets like websites and apps, research well, assess your requirements well, and always ask questions to your prospective hosting partner, so you can use the best option and boost the performance of your business website.

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The Skills Which Make A Web Developer Stand Out

It has been reported that e-commerce in Australia is booming. Even, there is a surprising prediction made by Statista. It has been predicted that by the end of 2019, the growth of Australia online business in revenue reaches 15.1%.

Of course, they do prediction based on valid data. And this is a fact that online business keeps growing. Possibly, it becomes the reason why many people start their own online business.

The question is that “can they make it?” When their business has a value that makes it different from other business, the chance to grow widely opens.

Since they run an online business, working with a web development company is a must. However, they have to be careful to choose. They need to choose the right web developer. Any developer has the skill to build a stunning website. However, mastering these following skills make them stand out:

Skill to Design 

Actually, there is a difference between a web designer and a web developer. Some developers don’t have the skill to design. The brilliant developer knows how to design.

In fact, skill to design is required to make sure that the design of a website fits to what the client expects. Therefore, website design skill is important.

Skill to Analyze 

Actually, the role of a web developer is not only to develop a website. More than that, they have to make sure that the website is loved by the customers. The customers like to visit the site for a long time.

In this case, the developer has to understand that every business has audiences with different behavior. Therefore, the developer needs to understand the audience behavior in order to make a stunning website.

Skill to Optimize Website 

It is good to have a beautiful website. Nevertheless, what is it for when there is no visitor? That becomes a reason why Website Development Gold Coast doesn’t only build a website. They also optimize it based on search engine requirement. Therefore, the site is ranked by search engine and the number of visitors increases.

Now, you know the reason why you should be careful when choosing website development, don’t you?

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Is co-working or in a shared office right for your business?

Now, in the era of startups and small businesses, it is a daunting task to find perfect working space. the business owners often hunt for an office space that is flexible and can help them improve the productivity of the business. Usually, startups and small business entities have a scalable team of staffs. So, the shared office is a viable option for them to carry out their official activities. It is generally a sound business practice for most of the units to keep the overall expenses low.

The co-working or shared office is different from the traditional office. In a shared office, more than one entity can establish their functional area in one place. Many different commercial properties are providing the services to the business houses for establishing their office spaces with other entities. The spaces are designed for accommodating multiple functional units at a single space with separate conference rooms, meeting space and working area. There are several advantages of shared office for the startups.

You can have a central location

Every business owner desired to establish their office at a central location as it has better communication and market. When you opt for a shared office, you can easily get a centrally located commercial space. On the other hand, setting up your private office may make you sacrifice a good location. It is easier to get a great location if you are opting for co-working or shared office space for your business.

Cost-effective solution

Setting up a private office or renting an entire office area is expensive for the business entity. For startups and small business entities, it is viable to get a shared office at a low cost. As the budget is tight for these business units, it is wise to cut the cost of renting a private office. Instead of spending on office furniture, set-up, other amenities, the business should focus on the growth of the business at the initial stage. Therefore, renting a shared space is beneficial in terms of cost-cutting for the business.


Scaling up a shared office space is easy and flexible; you have access to all the office amenities like the conference room, meeting room and other spaces along with other teams. If your team grows with the growth of your business you can tailor your contract as per that with the commercial space owner.

With numerous benefits, there also risks of shared office space, which the business entities should consider while renting a space.

Risk of privacy

As a shared internet connection is used at a shared office, it has a risk for your confidential data. You have threats of cybercriminals for sabotaging your information, so, you should be careful about that before opting for shared office space.

However, it depends on the nature and requirement of the business, to choose the shared office space or a private office. The business owner should consider the benefits as well as the risks involved in renting the shared office as their workplace.

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How to improve your Social Media campaigns?

In the digitalized era, campaigns of various social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can give a competitive edge to businesses over their competitors. In fact, social media campaigns are considered to be one of the most crucial marketing strategies that can help marketers to reach the target market audience from all across the globe. If you want to improve the effectiveness of your Social Media campaigns, you have to find the perfect social media company.

Select the perfect social media firm

The main thing that must take care of to improve the Social Media campaign of your business is to select a reputed and professional social media company. An experienced firm will make sure to use its expertise and skills so that you can achieve the desired outcome. This firm will help you to devise the perfect online presence, which will give you an edge against your industry rivals. The firm will use the best strategy, which will enable your business to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. The assistance of a reliable social media firm will surely help you to successfully design your social media campaign which can improve the brand presence and brand awareness.

Experiment with emerging platforms

This is the era of social media, where numerous social media platforms are used by the public. In order to promote your business, you must try to design social media campaigns on different platforms. For instance, at present, the platform is extremely popular among the young generation. So make sure that the chosen social media company creates innovative content so that proper interaction with the intended audience will be possible. You also must try to adopt a creative and innovative approach so that the quality of interaction will be unique and memorable for the market audience.

Track the social media campaign results

If you sincerely want to improve your Social Media campaigns, you have to make sure that the results are properly tracked. Such an approach will help you to get a detailed insight into the exact results of your campaign efforts. In current times, social networking platforms are evolving on a constant basis. In order to stay ahead in the competitive market environment, you have to make sure that the selected social media company optimally uses your resources. In fact, they must help you to maximize and optimize your ultimate return on the social media marketing strategy.

Sharing of user-generated content

One of the key ingredients of a successful social media campaign is the involvement of user-generated content from the followers and fans. So you have to ensure that you involve the key stakeholders such as the fans and flowers in the campaigns. It would basically give them a fresh prospective on your brand. At the same time, you will also be able to establish a strong and long-lasting relationship with the potential customers as well as the leads.

In the competitive market environment, the overall effectiveness of the social media campaign can make or break a business. Here are a few valuable strategies that can be implemented by you so that you can improve the Social Media campaigns to a significant extent.…

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A Guide That Will Help You Handle Law Firm SEO Service

Since most of us tend to search for specific information by using search engines such as Google, creating a strategy that will help your website reach the top rank is crucial.

Therefore, search engine optimization is a subcategory of digital marketing that implements various strategies so that you can appear at top rank and in front of your target clients.

For instance, when someone searches for “attorney in New York,” only companies that are relevant to search criteria will appear on the first page of results.

The question is what you should do so that your law firm can appear at the top page when someone from your local area decides to browse for the best law firm in the area.

By finding law firm SEO consultant, you will be able to improve your organic search rankings, which means that potential customers will see you in the first page and choose to enter your official website, which is a first step that will convert them into customers.

Optimizing your law firm website includes handling a few things, such as:

  • You need to analyze the current online presence of your law firm so that you can create a goal and scope of success you wish to achieve.
  • You should implement a few strategic actions that will make your business stand out from other firms that are in your neighborhood.

Since search engine optimization is a long-term marketing strategy, you will have to find a company that will help you along the way by creating dynamic and long-term campaign.

Things to Consider When Optimizing Your Legal Business

The main goal of SEO is to help you reach the top results in search engines that your target audience is using. However, the idea that you should create a proper keyword and implement it along the content is something that worked in the past.

Of course, you need to conduct a research that will help you include all relevant keywords in the website content so that you can communicate with search engines so that they can present you as the result of some search criteria.

1.   Website Optimization

You have to create a transparent and user-friendly website that features appropriate content, header, image, URL, meta-attributions, and title tag based on the keywords you wish to use because that will help you index better than before.

Similarly, as librarian that organizes books by specific numbers, search engines such as Google uses your site’s attributes to determine whether you are transparent or not.

Therefore, by adding location within the keywords, Google will notice that you are operating in a specific area and will present your business every single time someone from your neighborhood decides to search for closest law firm.

2.   Navigation Is Crucial

The website optimization depends on proper navigation so that users can easily find their way on it. The worst thing that you can do is to reach a potential customer that will organically visit your official website, and create chaos in which he/she will not be able to find relevant information.

Similarly, as accurate eye contact and firm handshake are essential for creating a bond with potential customer, first impression is something that creates an effect online as well.

A customer will not be able to trust a legal advisor with sensitive and personal matters without having a proper first impression. The vital consideration that Google to see whether your website is relevant to potential searchers is the amount of time they spend on it.

Therefore, we are not talking about creating a click-bait website that will feature lousy content, which most users will leave in a matter of minutes after entering. The idea is to create a website that will give your customer a wish to search various pages based on your interests.

Check here to learn about web design mistakes that will affect your search engine optimization.

3.   Content

Finally, you have to think about implementing exciting and informative content so that you can drive people to your website.

That way, people that do not have the intention to hire you will visit the site due to some legal information that they wish to understand or just to read blog post or video you published.

Finally, when these visitors need legal service, you will be the first one on the list since you provided them with informative articles or any other content that allowed them to understand a specific situation.